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Brunch to Broadway is proud to give back to our community with our Stars of Tomorrow spot, a new segment in which we will be featuring students from several local performing arts programs! Don't miss seeing these talented students performing on stage with our cast and band! We encourage you to take the time to check out these organizations, and help them with your generosity so that they may continue to spread the joy of the arts to the youths of Las Vegas. Click on their logos to go to their websites for more information on how you can help!

Positively Arts Foundation (PAF) is a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to using the arts to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and to HEAL. EMPOWER by creating positive performance arts opportunities for students despite their financial need or accessibility to the arts. PAF gives them the chance to shine, gain confidence, and feel proud of their accomplishments onstage. We encourage creating art for arts sake alone, not for fame or accolades. We INSPIRE by bridging the gap between the aspiring artist and the professional artist. Get Launched Vegas directly pairs students with headliners and exemplifies our mission of mentorship, inspiration, and collaboration. And finally, we HEAL through our anti-bullying school tours and our overall anti-bullying message. We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for our students. For example, in our Broadway Dreamers performing arts school, instead of getting a prize at the end of the day for the best singer or best dancer, we give out a Showmanship Award to those students who showed the best love, support, and respect within class that day. Also, the kids are encouraged to write “Happy Notes” to one another every day, writing something positive and encouraging to their fellow students. Only in this environment can students truly feel free vulnerable enough to express themselves artistically and to the fullest of their abilities.

              Jan 14, 2018                                                   Jan 28, 2018

            Katelyn Murphy                                               Joelie Mountain

A national theatre program based in Las Vegas, Broadway in the H.O.O.D dedicated to making a positive impact in communities across the United States, with a special focus on youth between the ages of 10 to 20 residing in the worst of neighborhoods. With an emphasis on the community and focus on social awareness, Broadway in the H.O.O.D has been invited to perform at major festivals, concerts, television programs and theatrical events throughout the country. Since its inception in 2010, Broadway in the H.O.O.D has produced major original productions dealing with subjects ranging from teen pregnancy, interracial dating, childhood obesity, homelessness, homosexuality, bullying and slavery. In addition, they have presented some of the biggest Tony Award winning, Broadway blockbuster hits such as Dreamgirls, The Best Of Broadway, The Lion King and The Color Purple. Broadway in the H.O.O.D performances are low-cost and at times FREE for the community with the goal of providing opportunities for audiences of all socio-economic backgrounds and diverse communities to experience the magic of live theatre!

                  Feb 11, 2018                                                     Feb 25, 2018

                  Jordan Toure                                                       Tayler Lam

Broadway Bound is a Musical Theater Company that specializes in providing youth in the Las Vegas Community the opportunity to perform in full scale Musical Theater productions.  Located at Summerlin Dance Academy, Broadway Bound also offers classes in Musical Theater and Acting to better hone those skills needed for performance.  Broadway Bound has been nominated and received many awards and recognition for our outstanding achievement in theater, teaching, and performance.  Many of our students have gone on to become Musical Theater or Acting majors at outstanding Universities all over the country.  We pride ourselves in grooming our students to become professionals, and we are proud to be one of Las Vegas's leaders in providing our youth a place to grow and develop their theatrical skills.

                                                March 11, 2018                                                               March 25, 2018

                                               McKenna Meeks                                                               Grace Parks

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