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Got Mommy Issues? Join us on a musical journey with Lily, a first generation Chinese immigrant, and her daughter Mei as they endure the trials and tribulations of old school parenting in a new country. Like many Chinese, Mei and her mom Lily consider the piano the gateway to success, pushing their children to the limit, striving for perfection at every opportunity. But at Mei's daughter Kim's piano recital, Mei clashes with Lily over how much is too much parenting.  Mei must decide for herself what is the perfect balance of mixing the old with the new and still meet her mother's approval.  East meets west in this funny, irreverent and moving story about a mother, a daughter, a piano, and tough love, Asian style.
The subject of the "Tiger Mother" style of parenting has been a controversial topic in both the Chinese and non-Chinese communities.  There are many different styles of parenting in many different cultures around the world, and this piece is simply meant to be a humorous and heartfelt story loosely based on an exaggeration of my childhood.  My parents and my grandparents worked very hard to provide a good life for our family, and I will be forever thankful for all they've done for me. Through all of our laughter and our tears, I'd like to think of this show as a tribute and a thank you to them for their hard work, their sacrifices, their patience, and, most importantly, their unconditional love.

Angela Chan

My Grandmother, Song Soohoo, China 1938

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