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The Reviews are in!

See what the critics are saying about "Legacy of the Tiger Mother"

"Whether you are fortunate/unfortunate enough to have your own tiger mother, or simply curious about what it's like to have one, you'll find plenty to satisfy you in "Legacy of the Tiger Mother" - Joy Ding, Synchronized Chaos (San Francisco Fringe Festival, Sept 2012)

A "funny, and compellingly heartfelt storyline about intergenerational tensions . . . executed with winning skill and verve by a smart team fronted by the fine duo of Satomi Hofmann and Lynn Craig, accompanied by Chan on a piano that segues slyly between erratic keyboard exercises, controlled classical recitals, and expressive Broadway-style outbursts." - Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian (San Francisco Fringe Festival, Sept 2012)

"Legacy of the Tiger Mother acknowledges all that is funny or ridiculous about strict Asian parenting, but explores all that is admirable and loving in such relationships as well." - Katherine Gale, ArtsHub (Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2012)

"The music is incisive and entertaining ... and the jokes are thick and fast ... It's funny and heartwarming and well worth the price of admission ... so see it quick!" - Aaron MacDonald, The Adelaide Theatre Guide (Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2012)

“For anyone who has been driven to exasperation by a parent wanting them to succeed, this is a show for you! . . . Tiger Mother will make you laugh, some will cry, and it should definitely sell out!" - Carl Cranstone, Rip It Up (Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2012)

“A highly recommended, entertaining piece of musical theatre of a moving story, politically incorrect, filled with great humour and tough love told with great lyrics” - Ernest McLeod, (Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2012)

“A story for anyone who ever learned an instrument or had a mother that gave them a friendly push or two … or more.” - Tessa Akerman, The Advertiser (Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2012)

"…a touching, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant story about strong women who make sacrifices for their daughters because that is the legacy that is handed down, generation to generation." – Karen Tortora-Lee, (New York, Jan 2012)

"A (very) politically incorrect, astutely observed comedy about what it’s like to grow up musically gifted and matriarchally cursed.” – Jacob Coakley, The Las Vegas Weekly (Las Vegas, Dec 2012)

"The writing is smart, subtle, and funny. . . Legacy  is a two-person dramatic-comedy . . . that feels much bigger for the thoroughness with which it explores complicated parenting issues.” – Chantal Corcoran, Vegas SEVEN Magazine (Las Vegas, Dec 2012)

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